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Sales and Marketing



A dark art with an added silver tongue? That’s not really how sales works, it’s just the perception. We will break down this thought process and help you find a sales style that suits your business culture and develops your reach.


Sales Analytics and reporting

Focusing on the data where your product sells, to whom, how much and when. It’s as simple as that. It really is.


Brand Identity

Without it, you’re a company fighting for recognition and retention of those elusive returning customers. Along with everyone else. 



This is your shop window, your bunting, your stall and your interaction with the people who use your product or service. Getting this right, is more than key, it is essential.



It’s tricky, we all know this, however, luckily anyone can become a black belt in sales via LinkedIn in 28 minutes flat. Yes, of course we are being sarcastic.

Our services to organisations help improve their sales, processes, strategies and results. They will be robust, not waffle. It involves understanding the competency of your current sales processes and team, then the critical analysis of your sales data. The development of strategic sales plans, and the implementation of these, depend on a number of factors.

We’ll provide you with an ongoing support package if you need it whilst you live and breathe the new strategy. You are the key to its success.


Sales Analytics and reporting


Increase in revenue but decrease in unit sales? Analytics is an area of business that can get overlooked.

Whilst we appreciate that emotions can play a part in selling to companies or individuals, skipping the basic need for direction here can be costly long term. We’re not talking about a paralysis of the business with endless spreadsheets either.

Our mantra involves reporting on key business levels that everyone lives by, seeing the business through the ‘day to day’. Adopting business goals into this, makes it all the more relevant for you.

Put simply, this ideology provides the perfect direction for your business when used properly. Use our experiences to help set the future direction of your business.


Brand Identity


We see businesses ploughing money in to social media campaigns, advertising in trade publications or procuring countless merchandise items. All this without paying any attention to the brand identity that is the ‘face’ of the business, what would recommend before doing this?

Completing a brand evaluation!

This is essential for internal and external identity. It is surprising how many people see it as a waste of time and money or simply a job for later. In our opinion, it just needs doing. This is the part of your business your customers will see.

It will set you aside from others out there, so make it a priority. We are more than happy to discuss some of the work commissioned with us on this area.



Digital, traditional, press, media, merchandise or guerrilla? Plenty of companies and agencies can see your marketing budget and perform magic tricks on getting it to disappear.

Often this means you still haven’t got the desired outcome you hoped for. Why? This is about understanding your brand, your market and how much or how little disruption you want to create. Importantly, if you do achieve a marked increase, can you cope now or in the future for this growth?

There are too many elements to delve into right now. Rest assured, we know this part of a business, especially what can and can’t work. Every penny needs to count, and we are not afraid to talk ROI. It isn’t a dirty word, and neither is getting your suppliers on board either.

We have lived, instigated and delivered it.


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