This is where you’ll usually get all the

that tell you about the size of our business, awards we have won, our dynamic approach and how great we are…

We have a problem with this. Everyone can tell you that, few can deliver it for themselves and even less actually WITH you in mind

We would rather take this opportunity to tell you what we don’t do, that way, you can see our potential value to you and your business

Won Awards

Sure, we could sponsor an event, (this is generally what happens) get a few nominations and then take a nice glass trophy back to the office.

Our preferred approach? We’d rather let our results do the talking and allow our client base to have conversations with any prospective company or person we deal with.

Our core company value is based on Brett’s approach, simply put, being transparent and open by allowing the trust to be built.

We Really

We’re not fashionable. We apply our lived experience to what you’re trying to change or achieve, to gain the results you want.

Our theory is, we have a way of working that can breakdown the difficult parts of an issue and rebuild it, stronger and to your scope, plus a little more. How do we do this?

Our founder, Brett, has worked from the warehouse floor to being MD for a multinational company. He has been at senior board level for 10yrs + and will be involved, provide feedback, and be connected to every one of our clients.

It’s his name above the door after all!

Just say 'yes'

As we get to know you, we will work with you and your organisation to help you reach the levels you need.

We will explain these levels of achievement concisely, providing you with options to fit your budget & resource.

We don’t tiptoe or walk on eggshells, it doesn’t help anyone and this route is about honesty from all sides.

You're Still Here
How can we help you?

We have spent a lot of time and effort to make sure we understand why people don’t like using external consultants.

From this, we have created a business that revolves around each individual we work with, then the business itself.

We don’t have a template approach for everyone, it just doesn’t work, we do.

Consultants too Expensive

Not us. We’ve got a great range
of sales, marketing, training, mentoring and more in-depth department specific consultancy packages, that can be tailored for you.

If you need us to show you how something can be done, or if you just want us to tell you some options on a project, we can.

With a realistic pricing structure attached which suits everyone.






Tie You







No chance with us.

Sure, the longer you’re willing to commit to your future plans with us, we will offer you a package that reflects that.

In each and every case, we will have an open chat about what your exact needs are and how we can meet them.

Our promise is to NEVER hold you hostage, we only want to work with you if you want to work with us.

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Give us an opportunity, that’s all we ask. It’s easy to over promise and under deliver, really easy in fact.

We won’t put a finger in the air and randomly state figures like saving you 12% on your bottom line or growing your sales line by 20%, if we know, it isn’t achievable.

Lets keep it realistic for everyone’s sake. We strive to give the best advice and guidance when working with you, delivering a tailored progressive plan, for you.

Our business together will always be based on facts and accurate data, not jargon and nonsense.

You Made It!


You get three gold stars for getting this far, but don’t just leave us at this point, drop us a line and let’s arrange a call or chat. 

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